• The expansion and contraction that occurs due to freeze and thaw can be one of the most damaging of all factors for an asphalt driveway.  

    By using a hot applied crack sealer we are using the best product possible to keep as much water and debris out of the cracks as possible.  Because of this expansion and contraction it is recommended that crack sealer be applied more than one year in a row until it has settled to meet the degree of expansion and contraction.

  • All cracksealing will be done using a hot applied rubberized sealant product unless otherwise stated .  All structural cracks that are ¼ inch and larger will be sealed.  Surface cracks are not considered structural and will be filled in by the sealcoating process, as well as the smaller cracks.  Settling in cracks is normal and does not effect the integrity of the seal.  All cracks that are deeper than ½ inch will be filled and brought to within ½ inch of the surface in order to install the proper amount of sealant.

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